Building a Stronger America Through Naturalization

November 9, 2016

Naturalization brings America’s greatest values to life: community, diversity and unity. We will always work to increase citizenship for a stronger America. The New Americans Campaign and our partners are here to help lawful permanent residents complete the application for naturalization. We remain committed – now more than ever – to our vision of helping […]

New Citizenship Initiative discussed at Ethnic Media Roundtable in New York

September 30, 2016

On Sept. 8, the New Americans Campaign and New America Media hosted an ethnic media roundtable in New York City to discuss naturalization for the city’s nearly 915,000 citizenship-eligible lawful permanent residents (LPRs). The discussion focused on NaturalizeNY, a new citizenship initiative launched in July by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Like the New Americans […]

Have a Voice through Citizenship

Maria Rendon never thought about becoming a U.S. citizen. As a lawful permanent resident (LPR) from Mexico, she’s proud of her heritage. “I’m proud of my origin and my accent,” says Maria. “America became my home, but I still wasn’t ready to become a citizen. I also didn’t think it would be very easy.” Maria […]

Celebrating Citizenship After 36 Years

September 29, 2016

Josefina Anguiano moved to the United States from Michoacan, Mexico in 1979. She came to California alone and undocumented. She lived there with her brother for five years, eventually moving out and living on her own. Josefina worked hard and received her green card in 1987. She later married, and has three children and two […]

An Inspiring Spirit: A New Citizen, A Century Old

Chun Oi Chung turned 99-years-old this year. But she considers something else more newsworthy: her brand new U.S. citizenship. Chun became a citizen this month, and she couldn’t be happier about it. In 1984, Chun came to the United States from China with a green card through her daughter’s petition. She enjoyed living in the […]

“Don’t Fear, Apply for Citizenship”

September 22, 2016

Adiela Vargas has had an exciting week. Last Monday she became a U.S. citizen. Adiela, her husband and their two sons came to the U.S. from Colombia in search of a better life. “We came in search of better opportunities,” says Adiela. “There was no work, no opportunity in Colombia.” Adiela received her green card […]

New Naturalization Paper Addresses Barriers to Citizenship

September 21, 2016

On the eve of this year’s Citizenship Day, the New Americans Campaign and its national partner the National Immigration Forum released a new paper, “The Road to Naturalization: Addressing the Barriers to Citizenship.” The paper examines the current landscape of citizenship-eligible lawful permanent residents (LPRs) and the barriers to naturalization, and it provides policy recommendations […]

USCIS Supports Citizenship through $10 Million in Grants

Earlier this month, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) awarded nearly $10 million in citizenship and naturalization grants. 46 organizations across 21 states will receive federal funding to support citizenship preparation services for lawful permanent residents over the next fiscal year. Many of these organizations are New Americans Campaign partners and affiliates. The Citizenship and […]

Celebrating Citizenship

September 19, 2016

This month, thousands of lawful permanent residents (LPRs) throughout the country are taking the next step toward becoming United States citizens. They do so by attending free or low-cost events hosted by New Americans Campaign partners across more than 18 cities nationwide. On Sept. 17, our country celebrates Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, commemorating the […]

Persistence to Naturalize Pays off

September 15, 2016

Celia and Alfredo Ramirez moved to the United States from Mexico in 1998. Celia came with a green card for which her daughter petitioned and Alfredo on a tourist visa, later becoming a lawful permanent resident as well. More than a decade ago the Ramirezes applied for citizenship as soon as they were eligible. Both […]

Our Impact

  • The Campaign has completed over 3,700 naturalization workshops and clinics.
  • Over 230,000 citizenship applications completed since July 2011.

    Saved aspiring citizens and their families over $206million in legal and application fees.
  • Adopted scalable technology. MP3 players, Google Voice, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are being used to enhance naturalization service delivery.
  • Expanded New American Workforce (an effort to provide naturalization assistance within corporations) which has partnered with over 100 businesses across the nation, ranging from hotels in Miami to American Apparel in Los Angeles.
  • Deployed Citizenshipworks, an online tool, across the Campaign in multiple settings and languages. A newly redesigned platform guides applicants through through their citizenship application from start to finish and connects applicants to legal help at partnering non-profits.
  • Were instrumental in inspiring the US Citizenship and Immigration Service to support the Citizenship Corners initiative.
  • Created innovative partnerships with public libraries, school districts, universities, social service agencies, and employers, all of which yield not only greater numbers of applicants but also greater awareness of the naturalization process.
  • Deployed a large-scale volunteer recruitment program through an e-learning course.

    Reached diverse communities. Local partners consistently outreach and provide culturally competent and language-appropriate services.
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Who We’re Helping

People come to America from all over the world with dreams of achieving a better life for themselves and their families and calling this great nation home. Eight million people who live, work, and pay taxes in this country are eligible for citizenship, yet only about eight percent of them naturalize each year. Find out more about these individuals and the barriers they face.Read More